Getting started tutorials

Getting started! Please find below our Getting Started tutorials for C-EMS modules,
using Eclipse-based Convertigo Studio, the Mashup Composer and the Convertigo MEAP (in both HTML and PDF formats).

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Your feedback about these tutorials is welcome. If you think we should add documentation about specific features, don't hesitate to ask us in the forums.

Getting started with Convertigo Web Integrator (HTML) Download PDF Discover how to publish Web services (both REST and SOAP) from any existing Web pages, even when they have not been designed for integration. 134 pages manual, 12.8 Mb.
Getting started with Convertigo Legacy Integrator Download PDF Discover how to expose the internal business logic of legacy (Mainframe or iSeries) applications as Web services (both REST and SOAP). 142 pages manual, 13.4 Mb.
Getting started with Convertigo Sequencer Download PDF Discover how to "orchestrate" any kind of Convertigo transactions to build consolidated data on the server side. 232 pages manual, 22.2 Mb.
Getting started with Convertigo Legacy Publisher Download PDF Discover how to turn legacy systems (IBM and BULLmainframes, IBM iSeries or character based UNIX servers), often based on “green screen” user interfaces, into new Web 2.0 Ajax enabled Web applications, without modifying the code of original applications. 98 pages manual, 9.6 Mb. This video illustrates this Getting Started guide.


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If you are a developer, an architect and more generally someone looking for technical information about our Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, Composite Applications, MBaaS and Convertigo, this is the right place for you.

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Get Convertigo Studio for Windows. This is our Eclipse based development tool for our Mobile Application Development Platform. You can get also Convertigo Servers for Windows and Linux directly on sourceforge

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Find our official documentations for Convertigo Mobile Application Development Platform and Mobile Server, including the Reference Manual, the Programming Guide, and the Installation Guide, in both HTML and PDF formats.