Convertigo Web Features: Create a Mashup using our Web Integrator

Why invest in reinventing when there’s so much available to reuse?

Can’t wait any longer on an API ?

Save time and money with our Web Integrator

Don't waste the time and money on a complete re-write, when you can use our Web Integrator for better results in less time, for less money.

Very few applications today have API's and the costs and required knowledge to create new ones from scratch are high. With Convertigo Web Integrator (CWI) we take existing web sites and repurpose them, creating a robust Service Oriented Architecture that can be used for presentation, process, or data mashups, without the existing site needing to be rewritten.

Convertigo works by performing a dynamic transactional screen scraping of any web site or application. 

build api by dynamic web scraping

Produce APIs on your own

Convertigo's tools, built on our years of experience, provide you the confidence to produce an API around an existing site--be it public or your own--that will be useful for a long time to come.

This tool makes the site modernization possible less expensively and on a much faster timeline than a complete rewrite. You can also use Web Integrator selectively so that even if you choose to rewrite heavily used sections, you can still use CWI for everything else, which majorly optimizes your resources.

Create widgets with Convertigo's Web Clipper

Save time and money with our Web Integrator

With Convertigo's Web Clipper it's very easy to clip a part of an existing web application and prepare it as a widget for reuse (and placement in a Mashup) using our Eclipse Studio.

Convertigo's Web Clipper captures both the data and client business logic surrounding it, inheriting the properties of its source. For instance, if the web source has column sorting then the clipped source will too. Or if there are buttons, fields with business logic, or tables in the web source, then the clipped source will behave the same. Most importantly, the hours that have been spent on the User Interface of the web source content come along with the clipped content--for free.

Create widgets with Convertigo's Web Clipper

Making Adjustments is Easy

Need to tweak your clipped content? No problem. The Web Clipper makes adjustments easy, so you can quickly repurpose content originally designed for a full screen browser to an iPhone format, by reusing the major user interface presentation and business logic that come with the clipped source. You can add additional links and define handles--which are commands--as input and add events as output. These handles will define the way the clipped source can be wired with others in the final assembly mashup. Thanks to Convertigo's Web Clipper, reuse is not just theory, but is real tool that is ready to utilize, today!

Take what you need, leave what you don't

If the desired Mashup only needs a table from a public site as one of its pieces, and not the entire web site, simply grab the extents, add tags/links, edit it, create a mashable and place it in a catalog. From there it’s easy to use the full Mashup Composer to quickly assemble these atomic mashables into a composite application which can be deployed as is, in any browser or rendered in different formats (such as JSR, WebParts, or Flash tiles).


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