Convertigo Partners: Independent Software Vendors

Convertigo is working closely to software vendors to deliver Enterprise Mobility pre-integrated within customers infrastructures or to enable vendor solutions in heterogeneous environment including SOA and API-less Legacy or WEB.

Convertigo and Adobe are developing web applications

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information - anytime, anywhere and through any medium.

Convertigo and Adobe are developing a strong relationship to make Rich Internet Application as well as XML PDF workflows, easy to integrate within complex and fragmented IS environments. Relationship has been accelerating since Livecycle Mosaic raises the market.

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Convertigo and IBM are working on pre-integrations around SOA

IBM is pioneer in sensor technology and a leader in IT and business strategy. It offers sensor solutions that unlock new business value and help drive new insights and innovation as an "Advanced IBM Partner World" Convertigo is delivering strong expertise and pre-integrations around SOA, Websphere, Web portal and Mashup center.

Convertigo products have been qualified on IBM platforms such as WebSphere. Convertigo is also validated on IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise. and on IBM Pure Flex

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Convertigo uses Microsoft to help develop their online applications

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Microsoft Certified Partner, Convertigo have been delivering some technologies which enables some Microsoft products and solutions to interact in a transactional mode with online applications. Convertigo solutions can feed Sharepoint and BizTalk with information coming from anywhere.

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eXo offers the first and only user experience platform for Java. The eXo Platform makes Java websites and applications faster to build and easier to deploy, and offers modern features such as content, collaboration, social and knowledge on a services-based architecture. The company has established technology leadership and proven value by their large European installed base and strategic partnerships with Red Hat and Bull.  eXo maintains U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, Calif. with global headquarters in France and offices in Tunisia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

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Convertigo and W4 are combining their technologies to make BPM reach a broader scope of heterogeneous applications

W4 : a European Business Process Management (BPM) leader with more than 500 customers and one million licensed users, W4 is a "strong performer" in solution's analysis "Human-Centric BPM For Microsoft Platforms".

Convertigo and W4 are combining their technologies to make BPM able to reach a broder scope of heterogeneous applications as well as deliver users a new rich WEB2.0 experience. By combining BPM and Mashups we deliver one of the most complete agile platform for business processes.

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Convertigo and Magic software are combining efforts to extend multiple-mode applications

Magic Software is a leading provider of multiple-mode application platform solutions – including Full Client, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modes - and business and process integration solutions.

Convertigo and Magic software are combining efforts to extend multiple-mode applications to mix and mash information and processes coming from anywhere. Combining Fast RIA development and capability to reach any existing business application leverages enterprise's assets.

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An integrated framework and user experience platform in one, the eXo Platform extends and enables rapid development of Java applications with modern APIs and tooling such as OpenSocial, gadgets, REST, Groovy, and mashups. All open standards, all supported by our open source software.


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