Mobile demos

You will be able to run the demos in our mobile web simulator in Webkit browser (Google Chrome, Safari, ...) 

CTF Gallery

Convertigo Templating Framework, jQuery Mobile, Phonegap



This mobile application demonstrates core features of the Convertigo Templating Framework, with sample code and associated source code.

Convertigo web mobile

Convertigo Templating Framework, jQuery Mobile, Phonegap



This project application is a Convertigo website in light version adapted for mobile.


Convertigo Templating Framework, jQuery Mobile, Phonegap



MobTV is a mobile application showing how Convertigo can port an existing website (tonight's French TV listings) to smartphones.

Test demo

Test demo Test demo

US Directory

Convertigo Templating Framework, jQuery Mobile, Phonegap



This demo allows you to perform a US Directory research on your mobile device and then locate the found addresses on a map.

Test demo


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If you are a developer, an architect and more generally someone looking for technical information about our Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, Composite Applications, MBaaS and Convertigo, this is the right place for you.

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Get Convertigo Studio for Windows. This is our Eclipse based development tool for our Mobile Application Development Platform. You can get also Convertigo Servers for Windows and Linux directly on sourceforge

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Find our official documentations for Convertigo Mobile Application Development Platform and Mobile Server, including the Reference Manual, the Programming Guide, and the Installation Guide, in both HTML and PDF formats.