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    Greetings Convertigoes:)

    I plan on using convertigo in a region where Blackberry is the #1 smartphone.
    As the convertigo documentation is sparse newbies like me would really appreciate experienced users ((or even convertigo :huh: )dropping some knowledge to move the forum forward.

    I have set up a simple BB app using the tutorial video but when I try to build it on the trial server it returns with:

    Unable to get building status for application \'BBTest\'; reason:
    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. 

    Has anyone actually completed a BB build yet?
    Any insights on the error?

    I thank you in advance for any replies.



    Hi DET,

    yes BB builds can be complted on blackberry as long as it is OS 6.0 version. Not all BBs are 6.0 :)

    An other limitation is that BB dosen\’t support special characters in files names. Be sure not to have ressource (.js or .jpg or whatever) containing dashes, points, question marks, spaces etc …

    Check this and if you have any other problem let us know in the forum… we will check the build logs for other errors.

    Best RDs
    C8O Team.



    Thanks for the reply,

    Having checked the file names in my project folder and rebuilt without success, I\’m not sure what the problem is, especially as all files are from the basic demo setup.

    Will continue to try my luck.


    Gregory Vorbe

    Hi DET,

    The BB build is currently down and we are now investigating why.

    C8O team.



    Thanks Greg

    Please let us know wants it back up.


    Gregory Vorbe

    Hi DET,

    The Blackberry build is back now. It seems the PhoneGap:Build service was just temporarily down. This service is still in beta.
    You have to renew the build of your BB application in the Convertigo Test platform.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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